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Don’t miss your chance to learn Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis
from world-renowned expert Dr. Dicken Weatherby!

Finally, a Step-By-Step Training System To...

Assess, Diagnose, Evaluate, & Treat Your Patients From a Functional Perspective Using Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis

Let's start off by making you a BIG promise. If you master the skill of functionally assessing your patient's blood test results, you will hold in your hand the key to open virtually any case that walks through your door... get rapid results and excellent clinical outcomes... and create true optimal wellness in your patients.

The ODX Academy's 3-month Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Mastery Training Program will teach you everything you need to do a functional analysis of your patients' blood tests.

Knowing this will:

  • Put you on the cutting edge of preventative diagnosis.
  • Help you get more from the tests you are already performing.
  • Hone your blood chemistry analysis skills.
  • Show you how these tests can be used as a prognostic marker for dysfunction.
  • Cut the amount of time you spend analyzing your patient's' blood tests.
  • Make your blood chemistry testing an indispensable screening tool.
  • Increase the profitability of your practice.

The Functional Analysis of your clients’ blood test results is hands down the most important entry level assessment you can do on your patient. By looking at hidden health trends and evaluating where on the spectrum of health to disease your patients lie, you are taking one of the most important steps you can take to prevent life-threatening diseases.

With blood test results in hand, you can catch critical changes in the body before they manifest as chronic heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or worse. Knowing not only what blood tests to order but how to analyze them from a functional perspective will empower you as a healthcare practitioner to enact a science-based disease-prevention program that could have a tremendous impact on your clients’ lives, and is a proven way to attract new clients and get more referrals.

Your Instructor

Dr. Dicken Weatherby
Dr. Dicken Weatherby

Dr. Dicken Weatherby is a Naturopathic Physician in Oregon. In 1998, he graduated from the National College of Naturopathic Medicine (now National University of Natural Medicine) in Portland, Oregon. He is the author of 6 books in the field of Functional Diagnostics and has lectured to thousands of doctors internationally, teaching them techniques that reveal a quick and easy system for analyzing blood test results from a functional, nutritional, and preventative perspective that will help you get more from the tests you are already ordering and to help you boost your business or practice.

He’s probably best known for his work in the field of Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis. His best-selling book — “Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis -Clinical Laboratory Testing From a Functional Perspective ” — is being used by thousands of healthcare practitioners around the world, is in all the major Naturopathic Medical Schools in the US, and is the backbone of the Lab Diagnosis class at Nature Care College in Sydney, Australia and other pioneering teaching institutions worldwide. Thousands of copies of his book are being used every day in clinics and doctor’s offices all over the world.

He is the founder of Optimal DX and the creator of the ODX software application that takes the analysis, interpretation, and reporting of healthcare data to the next level, and beyond with the state-of-the-art comprehensive Functional Health Report.

If you’re like most Functional Medicine practitioners, you want to stay ahead of the game with new and creative ways to evaluate patients. Many practitioners are looking for tools that distinguish them from other clinicians in their area. Being able to diagnose a condition long before it becomes a major problem is becoming more and more important, and patients are looking for practitioners that can help them navigate through the myriad of signs and symptoms they are experiencing. Functional analysis of their blood tests will make you stand out as a practitioner. You will learn how to identify the key metabolic and nutritional problems that affect the majority of your patients.

Well, We have BIG NEWS!

Dr. Weatherby created a one-of-a-kind training system that will show you exactly how to do all this!


The FBCA Mastery Training will give you the knowledge you need so you can confidently take that knowledge and apply it in practice. Here's exactly what you get when you register for the FBCA Mastery Training:


Lifetime Access to The Functional Blood
Chemistry Analysis Mastery Training Program:
12 Online Training Sessions

Watch this short "ODX Academy Walk-through" Video:

In this 3-month Mastery Training I will teach you ways to analyze over 100 biomarkers that will give you an incredible amount of detailed data from the blood tests you are ordering for your patients. By using a unique method of analysis you will be able to sleuth out the cause of the major dysfunctions that plague your patients... No more telling your patients that their blood tests look normal... No more wasting your patients' money and your time by ordering tests that don't tell you that much.

In 12 comprehensive training sessions I will cover essential blood biomarkers that patients (especially those over the age of 40) MUST have each year. Annual blood testing is the most important step that your patients can take to prevent life-threatening disease. You will know which of these biomarkers to order and when, so you can catch critical changes in your patients' functional state before they manifest as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or worse.

I will be covering the biomarkers that make up our 3 ODX Blood Panels: ODX Vital, ODX Performance and ODX Ultimate. Having the proper blood test panel in hand and knowing how to do a thorough functionally-oriented analysis of the results can empower you to enact science-based disease-prevention programs that could add decades of optimal function to your patients' lives.

During the training sessions I will go over a series of blood test results so you can see first hand how I do a functional analysis of blood test results.

Each week, I'll be adding a comprehensive Training Session to our exclusive ODX Academy Online Training Center. In these sessions, I will walk you through all the steps to successfully integrate and implement Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis into your practice.

Here's The Training Program Breakdown

Course Curriculum

4 Things You Will Know After You Join My FBCA Mastery Training:

  1. An understanding of the implications for blood tests that are outside the normal value and implications of blood tests that fall outside of an optimal range.... You spent four years in medical school to learn the former. The latter is what this system is all about. Not the same old things you've heard before, but new, innovative, and exciting ways to look at blood chemistry tests from a functional perspective.
  2. A knowledge of what tests to order....You will learn what tests deserve to be on your standard panel, and what tests don't.
  3. How to turn your regular blood chemistry and CBC/Hematology test into an incredible prognostic marker for dysfunction.
  4. How to put it all together....You will have an understanding of the patterns that exist between tests and the likely dysfunctions associated with the patterns.

Who Would Benefit From My FBCA Mastery Training Program?

This system is for you if you want to dramatically and immediately increase your diagnostic abilities by analyzing your patients' blood tests in a more holistic and functional way.

It's perfect for:

  • Chiropractic Physicians
  • Naturopathic Physicians
  • Medical Doctors
  • Osteopathic Physicians
  • Nutritionists
  • Licensed Acupuncturists
  • Any Healthcare Professional that wants to learn to interpret their patient's blood tests from a functional perspective

What Does This Course Include?

  • Weekly Online Training Sessions - All training sessions are taught by Dr. Weatherby. These are designed to get you up to speed with the knowledge portion of the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis Training System. In these information packed training sessions Dr. Weatherby will walk you through all the steps to successfully integrate and implement a Functional Analysis of your patients' blood test results.
  • Video replays of all sessions in our exclusive online training center - We want you to have access to the video replays as you need them so you can watch the lessons in your own time or as a review.
  • Access to the Audio For Each and Every Training Session - All training sessions will be recorded and made available for download . You'll also get to download all of the PowerPoint slide shows to follow along as well.
  • BONUS: Additional Lectures from Functional Medicine Experts - I want to provide you with tremendous value, which is why I have pre-recorded presentations from leading experts in Functional Medicine, Functional Diagnosis and Functional Nutrition to provide cutting-edge and advanced training material to all the attendees. These have been recorded and made available in the training vault.
  • PLUS Lifetime Access to the Training Program in the ODX Academy. Yes, you can come back and review the training material and take advantage of updates for years to come - all at no extra cost!

OK, Sounds Great
But How Much Does It Cost?"

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"This program, by far, is the most comprehensive functional health tool I have ever used in my practice and has become my Gold Standard of assessments in my practice. From a business standpoint, this has increased our revenue considerably. We have seen a steady increase in referrals from our patients not only in our local area, but I am doing several phone consultations a day with patients from all around the country. The word is out and it truly has changed the dynamics of our practice”

- Stuart R. Hoover, NHD, DM(P), BCIH

Frequently Asked Questions

How is this program being delivered?
The training portion of this program is being run as an online training. There will be 12 modules in total, plus a bonus module, with 1 training module going live and active in the training site every week. The total hours of training in all the training modules is 35 hours and will focus on a specific organ system or series of blood chemistry patterns.

Dr. Weatherby has been teaching seminars in Functional Blood Chemistry analysis since 2002 in the US, Canada, and Europe and is the author of the best selling book "Blood Chemistry and CBC Analysis: Clinical Laboratory Testing from a Functional Perspective". This training is a presentation of his latest work in this subject. He decided to do this as an online event because so many people have difficulty making a live seminar and he doesn't want to have to travel quite so much! So no travel costs, no air travel, no eating bad hotel food, and no sitting in airless hotel rooms 8 hours/day!! You can take this training in the comfort of your office or home and access the training sessions 247 from our exclusive members-only training site.
Are the sessions live at a specific time and day each week? What's the schedule?
No, the training sessions are not taught live. A new training session goes live and active every week. You'll get an email notifying you when the latest session is live and active in your account!
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to this course for as long as you like - across any and all devices you own.
I won’t be able to make many of the training sessions. Can I get access to them later?
The training sessions are not live! Each session has been recorded and the video is made available in our exclusive members-only training site at the ODX Academy.

The training will include streaming video of the presentation and audio downloads of all sessions in MP3 format. This is a great bonus because you can replay the sessions over and over again. You will have 24/7 access to this archive from any computer anywhere in the world through your members-only ODX Academy account. You can't do that by attending a live event!
Does this training include treatment protocols?
No, the training does not include treatment protocols. We have brought in experts to share their knowledge on each session. This may include treatment ideas or further lab testing to consider.
What do I get when I register for the FBCA Mastery Training Program?

12 “LOOK OVER Dicken’s SHOULDER Training Sessions” designed to get you up to speed with the knowledge portion of the Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis System. This training program is divided into twelve (12) information packed training sessions where we will walk you through all the steps to successfully integrate and implement a Functional Analysis of your patients' blood test results.

Exclusive Training Site- The training program is hosted within the ODX Academy, our new online home for online training. We are using the latest web technology to give you a truly exclusive training opportunity. Only those who have registered for the training will have access to this site.

Video Replays in Our Online Archive will all be made available in Blood Chemistry University. We want you to have access to the video replays as you need them so you can watch the lessons in your own time or as a review.

Access to the Audio For Each and Every Training Session - All training sessions will be recorded and made available to download from Blood Chemistry University and listen to on your iPod or CD. You'll also get to download all of the PowerPoint slide shows to follow along as well.

Bonus Lectures From Functional Medicine Experts

When does the training start?
As soon as you register and set up your ODX Academy login, you can log in to the training and begin! Modules 1 and 2 are live right away and a new training module is added every week. They'll get an email from Dr. Weatherby when the next module is live.

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"Based upon my past experiences with Dr. Weatherby’s excellent books and seminars, I knew this software had all the marking of being a major positive shift in my clinical practice. After only a week of use, I realized that I had a true “clinic pearl” on my hands. The amount of detail that I can glean from the basic blood work that practically every practitioner orders is truly amazing. As both a private practitioner and a clinical professor at a nationally renowned Naturopathic college I have come to rely heavily upon this program to create truly “game changing” clinical results. Some of my senior colleagues in the Naturopathic field have been astounded with insights this software provides.”

- Shawn Soszka, N.D., LAc

Here's what some real customers say
about Dr. Weatherby's FBCA work

Dr. Weatherby has now trained thousands of practitioners with his system of Functional Bloodn chemistry Analysis and has seen many of them achieve outstanding clinical and financial success.

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"Dr. Dicken Weatherby’s software program is an incredibly powerful tool., which has given me an even greater advantage in helping patients with the blood work. There are so many useful tools in the software that are difficult to describe here. But, suffice it to say, my medical practice has benefited from the professionalism of the patient reports, the practitioner reports, and the overall program. There are insights from the software that I would sometimes overlook in blood work, even with all the years of experience interpreting the results. There is really no reason to not buy it. It will enhance the bottom line, financially, and the bottom line of patients getting better"

- Dennis Godby, N.D., Sacramento, California

“I have been practicing functional medicine for almost 10 years. I have used Dr. Weatherby’s books and charts for the past 4 years and have found them to be very helpful in the analysis of my patient’s blood as part of their health picture. The Blood Chemistry Software has freed up my time. Instead of spending 12 hours analyzing my patient’s results, I am able to see more patients. Having a printed report for them is a big value and helps increase their compliance to my recommendations. I especially like the fact that there aren’t any product recommendations; it leaves all those decisions to me. Thanks so much Dr. Weatherby for fulfilling your promise to make this software–I know it wasn’t easy, but it is much appreciated!"

- Kasi Rote, D.C.